You Need Me Now Candle

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Product Overview

You Need Me Now Candles are essential for Dominating your lover, Commanding their desires, and Building a sense of Urgency. The intent this candle is energized for is very simple - YOU need ATTENTION and you NEED IT NOW! Your needs come first, and if he or she doesn't see it that way, just use one of our You Need Me Now Ritual Candles to get what you need out of the relationship. Demand what you deserve from the person you love!

About Our Ritual Candles:
All of our candles are shipped to you fixed and blessed with the appropriate magical herbs, roots, flowers, minerals, and gemstones. Please do not pull out any items which has been placed on top of the candle for spiritual work. It would be okay to do so if any herbs or gemstones are getting in the way (causing your candle to catch fire, flame to burn out, etc.). Sometimes during shipping, fixed items can become loose and fall out (gemstones, herbs). Keep in mind that normal wear and tear on a candle is to be expected during shipping.