Braven and Danielin February began their journey together in 2016.  The couple quickly found that they shared an astounding number of experiences and common interests, one of which was a lifelong fascination with witchcraft and the occult.  It was this realization that gave birth to their company 'All Things Blessed Be' in 2018. 

The couple spent the first two years creating their own unique brand of visually stunning and highly successful spell work, the likes of which had never been seen. Once people began to take notice of their work, Braven and Danielin decided it was time to create manifestation products that would reflect their high energy style, and in February of 2020 the All Things Blessed Be Shop was open for business.

Braven and Danielin wanted more for their customers than just another "witchy shop", so they set about creating an immersive world of witchcraft manifestation products that were visually stimulating, and would appeal to both the beginner and seasoned occult practitioner. 

Within their first year, the All Things Blessed Be Shop found itself in the top 1.4% of the over two million shops on Etsy.  And after nearly three years and 1500 five star reviews later, it shows no sign of slowing down.

All Things Blessed Be now performs 60-75 rituals each month for their clients, design and hand craft over 200 different products, create stimulating content for their social media accounts, and are hard at work on their first book and yearly calendar.