Astral Travel Air Freshener

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Product Overview

ASTRAL TRAVEL Air Freshener is intended to assist with astral travel, psychic visions, lucid dreaming, third eye opening, and out of body experiences (OBE's).

These products are intended to help YOU manifest your desires, and give YOU more control over the world around you. With the right mindset, the best tools available (wink wink), and enough patience to know that any worthwhile reward in life takes practice, you can steer certain events in your life and bend the will of others. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions, be confident that the powerful energy that resides in us and connects us all, can be harnessed and focused just enough to make the difference....

(Use this spray sparingly at first. Test a small amount on any surfaces that it may come into contact with. Use with caution. All of our air fresheners contain fragrance oil, and other ingredients.)