Manifest Ritual Powder

Manifest Ritual Powder

All Things Blessed Be
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Our new Manifest Powder is the ultimate add-on for any spell or ritual!. Sprinkle this on or near an area in which you need positive change or when the energy in an area feels negative or stagnant. Our Manifest Powder may be utilized in conjunction with our Manifest Candle, Oil, or Skin Care products as a booster to speed up or extend manifestation time. It may also be used in your own magical candle rituals as well!

Your Manifest Powder will come packed inside a heat sealed, iridescent, re-sealable Mylar bag.

Carve your name into a blue, light blue, or white wax candle from the wick to the bottom of the candle. Dress the candle with our MANIFEST Oil before you cover the entire candle with the Manifest Powder.

You may also create a petition by writing your name down three times on a piece of paper. Then, you will turn the paper 90 degrees to the right, then proceed to write your intention three times. You will then need to anoint the center of the paper with your Manifest Oil (if you do not have any, you may use olive oil), and a bit of the Manifest Powder. Then, fold the paper toward yourself, place it beneath the candle or the plate/candle holder in which the candle is on, and light your candle. You may chant or sit with your candle as long as you like. Let the candle burn all the way down. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED!!! Be sure to snuff out your candle if you are leaving the room where the candle is burning. Do not leave your home with the candle burning! DO NOT INGEST!!

All Things Blessed Be products are for entertainment purposes and are sold as curios only. Although magic is well documented in folklore, All Things Blessed Be will not be held responsible for any given outcome or result. Our products are not a substitute for professional medical care, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease. All All Things Blessed Be products are created & intended for responsible adults over 18 years old, and should be always be kept away from the reach of children, pets or anyone under the care of a physician. No guarantee of results are implied. Never use to replace actual, medical advice or attention.