Is Your Phone Broke? Candle Set

Is Your Phone Broke? Candle Set

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Our IS YOUR PHONE BROKE Witch Spell Kit is made up of three of our finest, most popular candles to date. Your witch spell kit will help you break barriers for communication, unblocking, stop ghosting, and most importantly, making you and your target's communication a POSITIVE one when it happens! The three spell candles together make for packing a huge punch into your life, and bringing the type of love you have been wanting by drawing it to you! Note: Color of the candle may be different than what is shown in the listing photos.

***Instructions will be included with your product.***

The 3 Spell Candles Included Are:

- MEGA COMMUNICATION BUSTER Spell Candle is for Breaking down barriers involving Communication. It can help you bust through all the bs, and help make your life your own.

- CALL ME Spell Candle can present you with positive opportunities for communication when he just doesn't seem interested or won't return calls.

- YOU NEED ME NOW Spell Candle is used for Attracting Someone's Attention and Demanding They Give You Some! This is a great Obsession/Domination Candle when you need to be at the forefront of someone's they WILL contact you.

About Our Spell Candles:

- Our Candles are fixed, dressed and blessed with the appropriate intention. Please do not pull out any herbs, curios, and gemstones which have been placed on top of the candle for spiritual work unless it is causing your candle to catch fire, flame to burn out, etc.

- Sometimes during shipping, fixed items will become loose and fall out (a gemstone, some herbs or two)). Normal wear and tear on a candle during shipping is expected.

- Your candle will be packaged in bubble wrap, placed carefully in packing peanuts before shipment. Missing a little bit of herbs and gemstones during shipment will not cause a negative outcome or a spell to backfire.

- Also, be sure to keep your wick cut down to about a half inch from the wax. If your candle is letting off a large, violent-acting flame, this means the wick is too large and thick and could cause your candle to do more harm than good. You must extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer, then cut the wick down a little. Afterwards, relight with a long match or long lighter to avoid any accidents. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE GLASS ON THE CANDLE WILL BE HOT!!

About Our Spell Oils:

- WE USE 100% ORGANIC HEMP SEED OIL AS OUR CARRIER OIL! Hemp is to herbs is what clear quartz crystal is to gemstones. In other words, it carries additional magical uses such as: quick manifestation, protection, healing, psychic abilities, all love work, meditation, cleansing, endurance, visions, wisdom, also repels negative energy. This makes Hemp the ultimate carrier oil on the market!

(Use our hemp oils sparingly. Test a small amount out on the inside of your wrist and wait for up to 24 hours or more to know if you have any type of allergic reaction to it. Use with caution.

- All our Ritual Oils carry small amounts of Essential Oils, which contains an alcohol base and other ingredients.)

Oils can be purchased individually or with a candle on their individual listings.


- Our products on our All Things Blessed Be Shop are sold as curios only. Although magic is well documented in folklore, All Things Blessed Be Shop will not be held responsible for any given outcome or result. Our products are not a substitute for professional medical care, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease. All products should be kept away from the reach of children, pets or someone who is under the care of a physician. No guarantee of results implied. Do not use to replace actual, medical advice or attention.