Deluxe Return to Me Candle Set

Deluxe Return to Me Candle Set

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DELUXE RETURN to ME 7-Day Spell Candle Kits are a combination of candles we have chosen for you. Our DELUXE RETURN to ME 7-Day Spell Candle Kits are put together based on our experience with what works most consistently in our own spiritual work. Your will contain our RETURN to ME, CALL ME NOW, MAKE HIM SEE, COMMITMENT, OBSESSION, and STAY WITH ME candles. These spell candles used together are optimal for manifesting the goal that the set is intended for.


Description of the 3 candles:

- The RETURN TO ME Spell Candle includes ingredients in spells known for bringing someone back to you...preferably your ex This RETURN TO Me Ritual Spell Candle can be used to as a reconciliation of a friendship or love, or rekindle a lost love, etc. Excellent candle to use when you find yourself not able to live without someone you have lost either through a fight, infidelity, lying, etc.

- Our CALL ME NOW Spell Candle includes the ingredients known for aiding you in persuading your love interest to contact you, unblock you, call you, or just to help them to open up to you more. These CALL ME NOW Ritual Spell Candle is extremely fast at manifesting love spells to entice someone to call you, communicate, or unblock you from social media.

- The OBSESSION Spell Candle includes ingredients known for attaining a heightened level of interest from the one you desire, and still only for you to use when you wish to influence them tell you they cannot quite thinking about you, dreaming about you, and wanting to be with you.

- Our MAKE HIM SEE Spell Candle contains ingredients which have been carefully picked for your intention to have someone who has hurt you to see the error of their ways. Sometimes all it takes is for people to see the emotional damaged they have caused. Don't pick up the pieces all on your own, your ex lover should help out!

- Our COMMITMENT Spell Candle include the ingredients known for aiding you in in spell work to persuade your love interest to commit to you and only you either by taking the next step in the relationship, proposal, marriage, etc. COMMITMENT Ritual, Spell Candles are excellent to use when you wish to keep the one you love in your life...and for good!

- Our STAY WITH ME Spell Candle is for keeping your lover, and to keep lover from straying. These STAY WITH ME Ritual, Spell Candle includes the ingredients known for aiding you in holding onto the one you love, and keeping them home with you. Our Fixed STAY WITH ME Ritual, Spell Candle is excellent to use when you wish to change your lover's priorities to you.

About Our Spell Candles:

- Our Candles are fixed, dressed and blessed with the appropriate intention. Please do not pull out any herbs, curios, and gemstones which have been placed on top of the candle for spiritual work unless it is causing your candle to catch fire, flame to burn out, etc. Sometimes during shipping, fixed items will become loose and fall out (a gemstone, some herbs or two)). Normal wear and tear on a candle during shipping is expected.

- Your candle will be packaged in bubble wrap, placed carefully in packing peanuts before shipment. Missing a little bit of herbs and gemstones during shipment will not cause a negative outcome or a spell to backfire. Also, be sure to keep your wick cut down to about a half inch from the wax. If your candle is letting off a large, violent-acting flame, this means the wick is too large and thick and could cause your candle to do more harm than good. You must extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer, then cut the wick down a little. Afterwards, relight with a long match or long lighter to avoid any accidents. BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THE GLASS ON THE CANDLE WILL BE HOT!!

They can be purchased individually or with a candle on their individual candle listings.


- Our products on our All Things Blessed Be Shop are sold as curios only. Although magic is well documented in folklore, All Things Blessed Be Shop will not be held responsible for any given outcome or result. Our products are not a substitute for professional medical care, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease. All products should be kept away from the reach of children, pets or someone who is under the care of a physician. No guarantee of results implied. Do not use to replace actual, medical advice or attention.