Come Closer Emulsifying Body Scrub

Come Closer Emulsifying Body Scrub

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COME CLOSER Emulsifying Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub include ingredients known to help bring a lover closer to you, and building a More affectionate, More passionate relationship.

COME CLOSER Emulsifying Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub has the light, spirited fragrance of BANANA CREME with energetic colors of BLUE, and splashed with tiny beads of pearly-white, which may help you begin to manifest a healthy RELATIONSHIP almost immediately.

We have created our Emulsifying Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub to make you feel just as captivating as you do when you use our magical body butters. Manifest your magic every time you shower while smelling delicious for what (or who) you wish to attract!
How to Use your Come Closer Emulsifying Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub:
Put a generous amount of COME CLOSER Body Scrub on your hand. Wash your body by gently using a circular motion from feet to neck while chanting the words, "He/She will come to me and be my passionate lover", or something to that matter. This pulls your wishes TOWARD YOU, so that way your words will move in the direction of your intention. After you are finished with the scrub and chanting, RINSE AND FINISH as usual. Use these same directions while USING THE BATHTUB instead of a shower. Don't forget to say "So Mote It Be" after your ritual!

What is different about our ATBB sugar exfoliating body scrubs than the other body scrubs on the market? Well, our body scrub's ingredients contain a body butter (or a mix of 2 or 3 kinds), 3 different types of carrier oils, fragrance, mica coloring, and granulated sugar (I'm known to use brown sugar and raw sugar at times). We here at All Things Blessed Be have decided that our customers not only deserve the best when it comes to butters and oils, they deserve to look and feel their very best!

Benefits of our exfoliating body scrub:

♥ Sugar adds moisture unlike salt scrubs that dry out skin
♥ Rejuvenates the skin, giving you the fountain of youth.
♥ Has a unique fragrance which not only smells awesome, it leaves you with a subtle scent which is absolutely amazing
♥ Gently removes old, dry skin with the organic sugar, then regenerates the skin with its rare and top-of-the-line oils and butters
♥ Improves circulation while it gives you a mild aromatherapy treatment
♥ Can be used in the bathtub or in the shower
♥ Leaves your skin healthy, vibrant, glowing, and succulent.

Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Babassu Oil, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Fragrance.

(***Avoid getting any water in the jar. Keep in a dry area.)

All Things Blessed Be is responsibly sourced. We remain 100% vegan and cruelty-free!
All products in our All Things Blessed Be Shop are sold as curios only. Although magic is well documented in folklore, All Things Blessed Be will not be held responsible for any given outcome or result. Our products are not a substitute for professional medical care, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health or mental condition. All products should be kept away from the reach of children, pets or someone who is under the care of a physician. No guarantee of results are implied. Do not use to replace actual, medical attention.