Our time is limited, yet we like to give to each and every one of our clients (and consultation clients) the personalized attention that they deserve. No worries, we understand how dire your situation must be, and will treat your issue with the right kind of kindness and care that we would give our own spells.

We do all of our communicating via EMAIL ONLY. This means that there will be absolutely no consultations done over the phone, text, Whatsapp, Facetime, and etc.  (Also, please note that we do not offer readings of any kind. We are strictly professional witches who only do spells for others on their behalf to change their lives for the better, and we have never used tarot/psychic work to make any decisions for us.)

Please provide a brief and relevant history on the issue you are wishing to address. 

We respond to spiritual work consultation requests within 72 hours.

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE STORE (products, shipping, etc.), please fill out the form in completion, and you will receive a reply within 12 - 24 hours.