Have you ever wanted to know something, but didn’t know what to really ask…or even who to ask for that matter?

We have written some questions we are asked on a regular basis by our spell work clients, our metaphysical shop customers, and last but not least: new witches.

All Things Blessed Be absolutely loves each and every person, but these days our days are too hectic to talk on the phone, chat, or discuss anything over a coffee or a cup of tea. This is the closest we can get to you in order to answer your most vital questions about magic, spell work, and much more.

What is the Spell Worker’s role?

How often should I expect to speak to my Spell Worker?


Is my spell guaranteed?

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I have been scammed before, how do I know you will not do the same?

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How long will it take until I see results?

This is a question that is very common yet the answer is that there is no way to know what the universe’s plan is to bring your spell to life. I can’t stress enough that patience is a big factor in helping your spell manifest. Emailing me several times a day from the time your spell is cast will not help your spell manifest any quicker. This may delay the results, or cause the spell to not work at all. This is considered a form of doubt, meaning that if you even “think’ the spell work may not happen then it won’t.

That’s obviously a question that cannot be answered with any certainty… The industry standard for “fast results” is 3 weeks. Now we love seeing things progress quickly as much as the next person, but that’s not always the case. We see them manifest in 24hrs, 90 days, and every day in between. The only consistent thing I can tell you is regardless of the time it takes, the client is always thrilled and surprised when it works….

How will I know my spell is working?

A lot of you are afraid that when the spell begins to take effect, you’ll miss the signs altogether. Let me tell you that when your spell begins to work, it will be shown to you. It will sometimes be so blunt that it will nearly slap you in the face when it manifests finally. Your patience will have paid off, and you will have your desire! Congrats!

What can I do to help the spell manifest?

We suggest that you STAY POSITIVE about the spell work, VISUALIZE you goal often, have NO DOUBT that your spell will work, and last but not least…BE PATIENT! The Universe needs time to work out the logistics. It will let you know when it’s finished.

What do I do if I haven’t seen results?

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How often should I expect to speak with my spell worker?

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Why didn’t my spell manifest?

1. THE TIMING WAS OFF – The Universe and the way we are connected, the thread that binds all of us through thoughts and actions allow for constant change. While we try to alter your personal “timeline”, the Universe could see something ending very badly for you, someone directly or indirectly involved. That’s not to say at all that witchcraft can’t cause harm, but someone down the line was going to get very inappropriate karma. Quite possibly it could’ve been you…

2. WE ASKED FOR THE WRONG THING – A different approach may be required. In witchcraft, the fact of the matter is when you want something through spiritual work, you have to be persistent. This means it will in all likelihood it could possibly take more than one spell to accomplish what you want. It is a very fine line we walk between getting the job done, and NOT coming off as scam artists in an industry where expectations of getting scammed should be extremely high.

3. WAY TOO MUCH DOUBT, NOT ENOUGH POSITIVITY – You have to invest enough positive energy. It’s possible that your target could have been more resistant than most. That can be a possibility when the target is a narcissist or highly aggressive, but it’s rare.

4. WE SUCK AT OUR JOBS – I can assure you that this is the least likely scenario. We see a much higher number of our spells work consistently over 3 decades. Secondly, we live this stuff!! It’s a profession that we chose over our mundane jobs. So, how do you generally think things go for us when we are asked, “So, what do you do for a living?”….It’s hard enough to fathom what’s necessary to alter your OWN timeline. There is a lot more knowledge involved in this stuff than knowing what herbs to use. This is a way of life, a knowledge and a mindset that we exercise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round. Dabblers we are not.

Can I combine intentions? Push someone away, then bring them back?

No, this is not possible. We get so many requests from people who want to punish their partner, and then have them come back to them on bended knee. This is an impossible feat. The closest thing to doing something like this is casting a Bitch Be Gone where the “other” woman is banished, and then your ex lover is brought back to you. That is something that we can do for you.

Which spell is the strongest?

We do our best with every single spell. We look at all of our work as not only a work of art, but something that is representative of our clients deepest desires. We don’t take this lightly.! One spell is not necessarily stronger than the other one…period. However, some targets may be more receptive to one type than the other. Unfortunately, there is no way to know this until we try. (If some clown tries to sell you double or triple-strength spells, we advise that you block them immediately…..scam artist alert!)

Is it okay if I add some details to my spell work?

The fewer intentions and detailed requests you give us, a better outcome there will possibly be for your spell work. When it comes to spell work, the real spiritual workers find itbest when things are more basic and to the point. This makes it easier for your spell to manifest in the way you want it to.

Don’t I need to get a reading first?

We prefer to listen to our client’s situations in detail, and fully understand the situation before making any suggestions. Attempting to “tell” you what you must buy based on the turn of a card and/or good intuition is fine if someone is truly has “the gift”.

We prefer to use our knowledge of human behavior and psychology to determine the best course of action. Witchcraft offers something entirely different than one of the billion psychic readers can. It offers a chance to alter your or someone else’s timelines.

There is a wealth of knowledge that comes with a very specific mindset, which is needed to be a truly effective spiritual worker. Being a witch means freedom for what works for you. Practice. hone your skills, and develop the right way of thinking to consistently manifest your spells and it WILL HAPPEN!

Will the target know or feel a spell has been cast on them?

It’s only possible if he’s someone that has devoted himself completely to third eye and intuition work or has been doing witchcraft professionally 24-7 for many years… So that is highly unlikely. Protection baths and dabbling in witchcraft means very very little to me…Putting herbs in a bath, doing the occasional spell, or being spiritual in nature does not turn one into a powerful witch. 

The spell won’t harm anyone?

Nope! There is no harmful intention here whatsoever. The fact people talk about spells “backlashing” is proof enough that they have zero clue what they’re talking about. T We’ve done thousands of spells or more, 95% of which would be considered black magic, and another 25% of those had truly nasty intentions, and we’re still standing.

Will the spell come back on me (karma)?

That won’t happen. Karma is a bitch, but nothing in spell work can happen other than the intention, as long as it’s done properly.
Example – Let’s say the intent of a spell is to bring you a pair of expensive shoes…
That’s the intention, period. It’s not for “bring me a pair of shoes And kill a child that I don’t know…” or “bring me a pair of shoes and horrible karma after I get them..”
There is one intent here – mama needs a new pair of shoes! So you will either get those damn shoes, or you won’t. But those are the ONLY 2 options. You aren’t doing this out of the huge amount of dark evil energy you harbor, but to be left alone! So that’s what you’ll get. I hope this made sense

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