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Lilith Oil

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Product Description

(Over the next few months we'll be picking some of our favorites and taking your suggestions on which deities you'd like to see in this collection, so don't get shy on us!)

Our deity oils will be fixed to absorb and release your own powerful energy.

Who doesn't like a Fierce Independent Woman? I'll tell you who, the original Mansplainer and First Wife beater, none other than Adam himself (you may remember him from his failed reality show "The Garden of Eden"). Fast forward through the "I hate You's" and the next thing you know, the apple of Mephisto's eye, gets a hard boot to the ass, goes to Hell, gets super powers, and starts kidnapping babies and teaching young succubi how to steal your men. Make no mistake, this is a bad bitch and she's in charge... Even the Lord of Darkness knows if momma ain't happy, no one's happy....

Many new and seasoned practitioners are curious about deity worship and how it works. This is a very abbreviated explanation, but my goal is to explain the basic principle in a way that even I would understand it ?.

Some people feel drawn to one deity or another, some will say their deity chose them, and others will apply the appropriate deity that they feel has the right energy for their candle burning spell.

Much like energizing a mojo bag, the more energy you put into your relationship with a deity, the more they will give back. Many find their deity was the "missing component" needed to better focus their energy into more successful spell work.

We thank you for your patience as we slowly fill this category, and don't forget to suggest deities that you would use in your candle burning spells!

DISCLAIMER - Products on All Things Blessed Be, L.L.C. are sold as curios only. Although magic is well documented in history, All Things Blessed Be, L.L.C. WILL NOT be held responsible for any given outcome or result. Our products are NOT to be  substituted for professional medical care, and is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease. All products should be kept away from the reach of children, pets or someone who is under the care of a physician. No guarantee of results are implied. 
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