25 Herbs for Magical Protection (That Every Witch Should Know About)

Being a witch, I absolutely have an undying love for all of the magical herbs.  I own almost every herb and root known to man. 

A lot of the time, people normally will not go online to share much information about the magical herbs they use in their work, but we have decided early on that whatever we learn we will share with whoever wants to know.

Occasionally, we will read other people's blog post about herbs.  They always talk about the same ones nearly every time.  It's as if they all got together and decided to post at the same time: sage, lavender, rose, rosemary, mint,...and well, you get the gist of it.

Here we will share with you particular herbs we use in our spell work and products here at ATBB because we believe that protection spells are the most vital and important part of a witch's practice.  If you don't know protections spells like the back of your hand, then I wouldn't attempt ANY type of spell at all.  

Protection spells should the new witch's number one priority. 

After that, try the cleansing spells.  After that, luck spells.  Prosperity spells.  Success spells.  I could go on all day, but those are spells which can be performed safely.  Unless  your intention is shitty, or you're in a bad mood, in pain, or just not feeling it that day...in that case, take the day off from raising energy.  Tomorrow is another day.  You definitely be more balanced and grounded ready to manifest.  

So here is the list I promised you:

  1. Peony

Protects against the evil eye, and also baneful witchcraft, psychic vampires, demonic/evil entities, and negative energies. Can also protect against misfortunes.

  1. St. John's Wort

    Most witches only believe that this one is only used as a healing herb.  Well, the St John's Wort has quite the history in witchcraft and paganism.  Often called the "devil chaser", this herb banishes negative energy and the evil eye.  It is also an herb that is burned on Midsummer's Eve to honor the sun and placate the good faeries.

  2. Verbena

    Protects against baneful witchcraft, hail storms, and is also a very potent, powerful healing herb.

  3. Calendula 

    Drives evil thoughts from the mind, protects from angry, negative words such as those used to curse another.  It has also been used in World War 1 to dress wounds.

  4. Vervain 

    Keeps away evil spirits.

  5. Black Cohosh

    Stops evil influences from entering the home, keeps unwanted people away, gets rid of the evil eye and strong, baneful magic. Gives strength to the weak or bashful.  Helps give courage where there was none.

  6. Comfrey Root

    A powerful root which provides protection from harm to those who travel a lot to far away places, or is away from home a lot.  It also brings you travelling luck. It can ward off evil which originates from being around a negative person which you do not know.  I know, weird.

  7. Golden Seal Root

    Also an herb of attraction, it's also a useful aid in warding off evil, while bringing good luck, prosperity, success and protection.

  8. Asafoetida (Devil's Dung)

    Is known to ward off diseases, baneful spell work, dark work, and interfering law officers.

  9. Basil 

    This one is mainly known for its luck, prosperity, money-drawing and gambling work.  It also has strong banishing properties towards the evil eye.

  10. Bay Leaf 

    If you are doing dark work on another person as a lot of us witches do, then this is something you will need for protection and to keep any reversal magic they may do on you from being successful.

  11. Black Pepper

    Banishes evil or to even cast evil onto someone else; also gets someone out of your way.

  12. Fennel Seed

    To protect from the law; strengthen courage in a woman, keeps curses from touching you. Fennel is also a wonderful for protection, and is impressive at warding off spirits with bad intentions. Hang it in windows and doorways to protect your home. Grow a garden with Fennel to provide general home protection. Planting Fennel around the home is also said to bring good luck. It also has some great healing properties as well.

  13. Ginger 

    I use these in my Fiery Wall of Protection spells and products from evil entities and negative energy of the worst kind.  It is an extremely potent protector.

  14. Marjoram

    This is used to drive off anyone who intends to harm your family; to protect home or business from curse.

  15. Chrysanthemums

    Used for spiritual defense; protects against negative entities/energies; stop’s arguments, disagreements, and simmers hot tempers. Add to your bath water to get rid of a bad mood.  Great for the PMS, ladies!

  16. Rose Petals

    To remove ANY kind of love hex/curse someone has done put on you.

  17. Rue

    This is one of my favorites and I always put this in my ritual oils.  It's for breaking strong curses, hexes, or jinxes that have been cast upon you; Also used to ward off the evil eye.

  18. Wood Betony

    This herb is believed to have extremely forceful and powerful magic.  It has been used for protecting against the evil eye, and also bodily harm. You can also use it for lucid dreams. It dispels negative energy to ease both inner and outer conflicts.

  19. Angelica Root

    I love this root.  This root is said to be able to give a woman the courage to leave their abuser.  This is considered an Archangel root, powered by the protector, St. Michael.  It's also a great protector of children.

  20. Blessed White Table Salt

    I know, I know, "what an herb or root that is!".  This is a must-have for any type of protection. 

    Take some salt and pour it in your non-dominant hand (the one you don't write with).  Then take your index finger from your dominant hand (the one you write with), and place it into the salt while chanting or praying for the salt to be pure.

    Visualize yourself filling the salt with blessings and protection running from the ground, through your feet and then coming out of your finger..   

    You can then use it as a barrier between your home and the outside world by sprinkling a small yet decent amount around the four corners of your home both inside and out. Form a circle around your spell work to protect it from outside evil influences which may taint the spell work.  I like to pour a little salt around the base of my front door, the window sils, etc.

  21. Red Brick Dust

    Known in the Hoodoo community as a badass protector, Red Brick Dust comes already blessed and empowered for protection; sprinkle across doorways and around the yard with some white or black salt mixed into it.. You can also if you throw it down on top of any type of powder laid for you, it will kill the curse or hex.

  22. Anise

    This is a wonderful herb to use to ward off any spirits that might not have the best of intentions. Put anise seeds into a small pouch and place them under your pillow while you sleep to prevent nightmares.  You can use anise leaves inside your sacred circle (if you have one) to prevent malevolent spirits from entering while you are performing a seance or spiritual communications. 

  23. Juniper Berries

    Known to keep unkind/negative thoughts and energies away.  They will also protect you from accidents and theft, along with negating hexes and baneful magic while dispelling malevolent spirits

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