Who is Witch Nation?

Braven February – CEO/Co-Founder/Professional Witch/Spiritual Worker

In the mundane world, Braven February was a former sales manager, professional touring musician, and music producer. He was drawn to everything magical since the age of 4, and after purchasing his first spell book from the back of a comic in 1976, he was immediately hooked for life. By 1989, he made the decision to devote his life to witchcraft, and has never looked back.

Braven has a history of helping others through his uncanny ability to read between the lines to discover the root of their problems. With his vast knowledge on the subject of psychology and human behavior, he found key elements in both understanding clients’ needs, and also how best to manifest a persons desires through witchcraft.

ATBB has performed spell work for people of all walks of life…from Politicians to Prostitutes, and everyone in between. One thing is for certain, the Universe does not discriminate when it comes to people’s needs and desires.

“We are all connected through our thoughts and actions. The Universe takes care of people that understand this and strive to do their best in life. Maintain a good outlook, and remember that negative thoughts bring negative consequence where positive thoughts bring things to LIFE!”

– Braven February

CEO/Co-Founder of All Things Blessed Be, All Things Blessed Be Shop, and Witch Nation

Danielin February – President/Founder/Professional Witch/Spiritual Worker

When Danielin “Dani” February was at the ripe young age of 18, she began her path by studying Wiccan principles and methodology.  She has since dabbled in many other types of witchcraft such as traditional and modern Paganism, Santeria, Ritualistic & Chaos Magic, Sorcery, Southern Conjure, and Hoodoo Root Work.

Dani’s compassion, empathy, extensive witchcraft knowledge and brutal honesty along with the ability to put herself in her client’s shoes has given her the tools to counsel, advise, and perform spiritual work for those desperately in need.   When clients need a boost, she strives to turn their sadness and despair into happiness and laughter. 

Her goals are to remain true to her practice, her followers, and herself.  Dani is a true pioneer in the field of witchcraft, and always puts 110%  behind her work in every way she possibly can.  

Before she made the leap into the world of Professional Spiritualism, Dani was a former freelance web designer, web developer, session singer, pianist, and artist who also has a deep love for animals. She never takes  even the smallest things in life for granted. 

“Every day that you wake, treat it like a blessing… You are in charge of your own destiny, and all things in life are possible through manifesting your own magick.”

– Danielin “Dani” February

President/Founder of All Things Blessed Be, All Things Blessed Be Shop, and Witch Nation