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1. How Do I Become a Witch?

To become advanced in witchcraft, it takes years of study. Some witches prefer to study
and perform different types of witchcraft. This is called Eclectic Witchcraft.

You are a witch the moment you decide you are a witch.

Think of the name “witch” as a way of life. A way to grow with a deep sense of self and freedom at the same time. Although, as a new witch you are still somewhat closed off. Meaning that you haven’t allowed yourself the freedom to actually let go of the dogma and the rules. Let it all go and BE a witch!

To be a witch, there is no initiation, no certificates or degrees you need to acquire, no one to ask permission, and especially no one to apologize to.

That’s one thing a lot of witches don’t realize. Being a witch means so much more than just the word and the action itself. It’s so much more than the goofy witches who dress up in black-pointed, floppy hats and sport fancy brooms. Being a witch means that you have a passion to do what you will. Being a witch means taking responsibility for your own actions. So if you curse someone, and then suddenly their pet and whole family die in a car accident…you should’ve been prepared for the consequences of your actions. Witchcraft is something which should be respected, and also to be used from a pure heart.

So you have decided to be a witch. You have made a very important decision, and if this is your calling then what an exciting time it should be for you! This is a time to grow, a time to be a sponge and soak up all kinds of knowledge! Find a mentor (this is easier said than done), a coven (if you plan to be wiccan and follow some rules), a group of like-minded people (other witches) who can help guide you in your journey to your path.

If you want to be a witch, then congratulations!! You are now a witch!! See how easy that was?

A witch is not what a person collects, owns, or borrows. It is not how you dress or what profession you are in. Being a witch is something deep inside you, which has called you to do what you have yearned for all your life although some have only just realized it.

2. I Have Decided to Be a Witch, What Now??

Scrying is a form of Divination. Some witches see visions while some see spirits through
scrying. This can be done with a black mirror, crystal ball, or even just a bowl of water.


(This is a tough one)

Thinking back years ago when I decided to throw in the Christianity towel and put on my witch boots (Yes, I have a cool pair of witchy boots!). The thing that shocked me was that whenever I began acting on my decision to study witchcraft for the rest of my life, I realized how difficult it was to even get the advanced witches to even so much as speak to you. When they did, all they said was, “Read, read, and read some more.” and “Good luck, Luv.” Okay…Now what!?! I was so frustrated, yet at the same time I was ready to dive head first into heavy-duty studying no matter what I had to do. I just had to get the right materials! So the long battle in finding best and greatest witch learning content had begun its long, long journey into a thirty-year quest for more and more knowledge.

I won’t lie to you. Unless you already are entering a coven who has accepted you as an apprentice, molded to become initiated one day this may not apply to you. This goes out to the other large majority of males and females yearning to learn witchcraft as fast as they can. Hey, I understand completely, and more power to you! I can tell you this though: Witchcraft is something that will take a pretty long while to conquer. Witchcraft is not like learning how to drive a car, or ride a bike. It isn’t a class you can take for a semester and get a piece of paper that says, “Certificate of Completion”.

Although 95% of all the witchcraft I have learned, I learned on my own. Although, in the beginning I did have a mentor. At the time, some of the things he said I needed to do didn’t make a bit of sense to me. For instance, he would say, “Witchcraft is a solo endeavor. You won’t get anything out of it unless you do it all yourself. Then the satisfaction will be overwhelming when you succeed at manifesting your first spell on your own knowing that you learning how all on your own.” I thought to myself, “Whaaa?”

Okay, so I went on that. I wasn’t sure about what it all meant, but I love to research. I was just as anxious as the next new witch is when it came to wanting to manifest spells.

The first time I tried a money spell (my first spell), I manifested a few thousand dollars about a week and a half after I did a single green candle money spell while looking at the prosperity sigil I had drawn off of a photo on a book I happened to have.

Finally, I felt an overwhelming sense of energy that I had never felt before. I have heard people talk about spiritual experiences, but the last time I had one was during a chakra cleansing 10 years before. Wow, was I raising energy? Yes!! It worked!

All the practicing of meditation, focusing, visualizing, and relaxation had paid off! I hadn’t practiced for long, but it’s different for everyone. I found that I had a natural ability to raise and direct energy. A natural witch as they say. I didn’t need much guidance, only I have always been learning more and more everyday since making my life revolve around magick. I’m now a professional witch doing magic for decades, and I STILL find I learn something new about magick everyday.

My point is this: If there is a will there is a way. You must have the will to go all the way with witchcraft. Leave the dabbling for the baby witches. Beginner witches will always find answers to their questions no matter how long they must search for the answer. Baby Witches seem to want a “quick fix”. If you want a quick fix, hire a genuine spell worker to do all the work for you. Because honey, there is no such thing as an overnight witch.

3. Can You Teach Me?

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I covered a lot of this in the last question, but it’s time to break out and go into more detail about this one.

One of the things that gets on an experienced witches nerves the most is when we here those words, “Can You Teach Me???”. This happens when a person, who knows nothing about magic comes up and asks if I can teach them one fairly difficult spell. This is quite impossible, just as it would be to train a dog to do a new trick in 15 minutes tops.

I am not a dance teacher. I cannot teach you a difficult dance because I somehow know how to do the secret moves. You cannot learn to become a neurosurgeon by someone just showing you how to perform one type of surgery without the knowledge that is required to actually be successful at brain surgery.

To be successful at spell work, you have to learn when, what, why, and how. Also, putting energy into a spell takes loads of practice. If you are impatient, have negative thoughts, a guilty conscience, or you doubt everything you do…witchcraft is probably not going to work for you at all. No matter what you know, or how hard you try. Another thing that makes one successful with spell work is to change your mind frame completely from what you were taught growing up. Unless your parents were witches and taught you from the time you could walk and talk how to manifest spells, then you will need to learn like the rest of us did. Sorry, but that is the best advice I can give to you. You will not ever appreciate or understand what it means to really feel the accomplishment of completing a spell, and then watching it manifest if you weren’t meant to go at it alone.

In witchcraft, only the strong will prevail. Self-confidence and strength are your best friends. Know them and love them. You will thank me one day.

One thing that I want to mention is when you search the internet for vital witchcraft information. Let me tell you that a lot of witchcraft websites are copies of copies of copies. I have seen countless blogs which all have the same exact content as if they just copied and pasted all of their information. Besides, there isn’t much new information out there for witches who are just coming into their own. So on that note, please take caution and be careful about what you read. Take everything you read with a grain of salt until you have verified the information several times over. Honestly, witchy websites and blogs are some of the worst ways to get genuine information. Look around at some, and then compare. You will see that I am right, so just be very mindful of what you take in and consider the truth.

4. When Can I Cast My First Spell?

This is one of the most common questions I encounter on a regular basis. Casting spells should not be THE goal of your witch studies, yet it should definitely be a part of your daily routine to practice perfecting. You will NEVER stop learning something new about witchcraft. Stick with it, don’t give up…Manifestation will come! You will make it there, just stay on track!

There are so many other firsts you need to conquer and perfect prior to performing spell work. Some try and cast a spell on their first day of turning their life over to this practice. Some actually DO succeed, the problem would be that even though the spell succeeded, the caster did it blindly. This means that they didn’t know why the spell manifested, or even to remember how they did it. There are things that a witch must do ritualistically before a spell is to be planned and carried out.

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