Are You Sure You Want Your Ex Back?

On a daily basis, I get several emails from women (and sometimes men) begging me to do any spell work to get their exes back into their life….no matter what it takes. Let me tell you, break ups HURT! I mean, I don’t care how much you hate that other person, there is a past there with a lot of effort and stank put into that relationship. Am I right? So that hurts in itself!

You put so much of your blood, sweat and tears into that relationship that now there is a dark cloud over your head and you just cannot get rid of it no matter how hard you try. As a spell worker, I hear the same scenarios several times a day that I had to post something to try and help at least SOMEONE before things get completely out of control.

To the left is a photo of one of first Bitch Be Gone spells we performed for a client. As you see, there is a black female candle with 9 coffin nails placed in the front and back of her. This represents the “bitch” or other woman. The two pink candles represent the man and woman we are attempting to reunite. They are bound by string, and then a pair of scissors or blade is placed with the blade facing the other woman. This represents the relationship breaking from the man and this side woman, and him returning to the client. This is a particularly complicated spell, and this takes the longest to manifest since it is going to be working on three people.

I soon realized that these clients all had the same requests in common: All wanted to torture and curse their exes, make them obsessed with them, then make them come back on bended knee.

Why? Because they put so much time and effort into the relationship, and how they are pissed, not wanting to let go to move on and find someone better.

These are all women whose men either cheated on them, left them high and dry to be with someone else, abused them physically and mentally, or all of the above.

Their men have made it perfectly clear to them that they do not love or want to be in their lives anymore, yet these women are convinced that they will never love another man again.

I suggest before you email your psychic/tarot reader or spell worker, there are some very important issues for you to consider:

  • Spell work does not change someone’s personality, or cheating/narcissism ways.
  • Spell work will not keep a man from abusing or hitting you.
  • If he did bad things to you before, there is a 99.9% chance he will do it again, until you finally DO leave him to move forward with you life.
  • You cannot push someone away (curse them), and at the same time pull them back into your life (return them to you). These are two different intentions altogether. It would be like two spells doing tug-of-war with each other.
  • Why torture someone who you love and want to come back to you anyway? That is not true love, that is revenge, honey.
  • Time to let them go and move on. Believe me, you will be all the better for it. I promise!
  • Stop holding onto the past and allow yourself to heal. Believe me, we all learn something from bad break-ups.
  • Remember, the most important person in your life is you. You wouldn’t let another person hurt your daughter or sister like this, would you?
  • Stop being the victim.
  • As you heal, you will feel proud of yourself that you are a survivor.

It is not our job as your spell workers or your reader’s job to judge you or your situation. It is your life to live! We do everything in our power to make what you want manifest so life is easier for you. All situations are different, but these are just some issues people come to me with that keep me up at night. Sometimes.

When having someone perform spell work for you, please sit and think very hard if it is the RIGHT decision for you overall.

Who wrote this?

Dani February


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