5 Things That Make You a Modern Witch

Some like the old ways, but it’s time for us older folks to pass the torch. Yes, it is just as important to learn the old ways as it is the new, but what exactly makes one a ‘modern witch’?

From my standpoint, all the new witches I’ve come in contact with are between 16 and 35 y.o. These younger witches are our future, and all must be taught well.

Here are some things that will definitely make a you a modern witch in these modern times:

1. You have made witchcraft part of your life.

There are a lot of fad-chasing ‘trendies’, who only get into witchcraft to impress their friends, after reading all 7 Harry Potter books, learn a spell really fast, or if it’s just because of mere curiousity.

Witchcraft is no joke. It should not be dabbled with for a couple of months, then onto the next thing. Witchcraft is a way of life. It’s the opposite of religion in the way that there is no dogmatic laws…and freedom is virtue. You will never feel the kind of freedom you can achieve through witchcraft.

If you are under the age of 18, then you may need to put down the magick wand to try it another time. Some lack the maturity and adult experience to TRULY understand witchcraft to be able to treat it with the utmost respect it requires. Please do not take this personally! I am not saying that EVERYONE shouldn’t study witchcraft until they are 18, just that witchcraft is serious business. I just don’t want to see witchcraft getting into the wrong hands, then causing a disaster.

When you make a life-changing decision to become a witch, you should fully understand that learning this sacred art will not be completed in 2 days, 2 weeks, or even 2 months! Witchcraft is a lifelong commitment which requires you to stick to your path to learn valuable tools along the way, and thus becoming a stronger witch.

I have been practicing witchcraft for over 30 years. Yes, I know a lot, but I will admit that I do not know everything. I am learning something different everyday. Go ask a seasoned witch to find out when they were able to quit learning their craft, and most will say, “I’m still learning!”.

Even after you learn how to manifest a few spells on your own, you STILL are NOT ready to call yourself finished with your witchcraft studies! I don’t think I can live a lifetime to have the time to learn everything there is to know. It’s a never-ending spiritual education that will help your life tremendously, but only if you let it.

2. You dabble in different types of magic.

This is a wonderful way to find your path a little easier. Years ago, I went into witchcraft with the idea that I wanted to do Celtic Witchcraft. Well, low and behold, I ended up finding Hoodoo and Chaos magic, falling completely in love with the spell work, concepts, traditions, etc. You just never know what path your quest will lead you to until you start digging.

After taking a poll on Facebook a few years ago, 91% of all witches who answered were eclectic witches. This is a witch who pretty much dabbles in everything they can get their hands on, and what works…WORKS! Try different types of witchcraft on for size to see which one fits you like a glove.

3. You learn from various sources.

I can tell you if you are using only learning online, be careful of the sources you are reading from. Blogs are wonderful ways to read about others’ opinions and experience, yet a lot have either copied someone else’s site, blog, wording or outline, or they use false information. Heed my warning when searching online. Just because the site or the blog looks good, does not mean that it is good. Learning about witchcraft from another person’s false information can really detour your path in a way that can be destructive, or rewind the work you have already tried so hard to learn. DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING YOU PICK UP! EVEN BOOKS!

There are sooooo many books which list their “beginner spells”, but then really don’t teach you much about creating the spells on your own. What it can do is teach you the breakdown of a spell, how to prepare it, etc. I would take what you learn from any “spell” book and learn how to put one together on your own.

4. You no longer have a fear of spells

There are witches out there who have practiced for years, yet have never cast a spell!

When you begin to perform spells…you can then begin to understand witchcraft. When you first see your spell manifest, it’s an amazing feeling. Your self-esteem will rise to new levels. You will get to know yourself inside and out (the universe as well).

Take your chances! The worse thing that can happen is that your spell won’t work. And if THAT happens, just pick yourself up, and try it once more.

5. You have learned how to “let go”

A big part of being a witch is to let go of what you know. When you are a witch, you have already made that life-changing decision to follow a path. In this path, . This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a black outfit with a pointed witches hat so that you can perform spells in it. Unless that is what you’re into, I don’t suggest making too many changes in the way you live until you have learned and understood the concept of letting it all go.

Letting go of all you have been taught is to allow yourself the experience of sacred freedom we all crave. Once you find it, you will never experience anything like it.

Remember that the world belongs to us. Loving nature to live in harmony with plants, animals (people, too) is what makes the Universe balanced. You will be rewarded for respecting living things, and understanding that balance.

I won’t lie to you that witchcraft is not time-consuming. You must set a couple of hours aside. Give yourself the time to center, ground, meditate, visualize, raise energy and direct it. Then you may release it back to the earth. You must allow the power within you to grow and mature. Your craft will also!

Blessed Be!

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