Laying the Ground Work

GOING PRO: Freedom in Finding Our Path

When Braven and I began spell work for the first time years ago, we had no idea that we would one day make it our profession. A few years ago, we had to close down our first attempt at creating and running an online business. Braven designed & customized combat boots, high and low top sneakers, running shoes, bedding sets, and I built and maintained the ecommerce website, while taking care of marketing and advertising. We were very good at what we did, but we were severely hacked on Cyber Monday. Due to the damage that it caused, we eventually came to the decision to shut that store down permanently. This was a devastating blow to our ego, but it was only the universe laying the groundwork for what was to come.

Months later while screwing around on the computer one afternoon, I managed to come up with a “pipe dream” company (Now called All Things Blessed Be LOL!). I had decided to secretly build a website for the low price of $35.00 monthly, which paid for a GoDaddy domain, a crappy Wix website platform, and a G-suite email account. I had decided to put myself out there, and try my hand at performing spells for others. I mean, why not? I knew nothing about it the business side of witchcraft, but I did learn along the way by trial and error.

There was no extra money to spend at the time, so I was forced to do my advertising and marketing organically by doing some serious, tedious online work. I opened a Facebook group, and friended as many witches as I could, everywhere I could while building profiles all over different social media platforms posting images, photos, and videos just to try and keep up.

It wasn’t long before I had my first client call from a lady who had found our website through google search. From then on, things escalated very quickly, and now we have become two fairly well-known spell workers out in the community today. Practice does make perfect, but when you bring happiness to a hysterical client who is pregnant by a husband who left her for someone else, well, that’s what keeps us going, making it all worth it.

There are some downsides of being in this type of industry.

When you perform spell work for people, you learn very fast about the liars, cheats, thieves, con-artists, scammers, copycats, and just plain crazy people out there taking advantage of those who are desperate and vulnerable. These scam artists disappear fairly quick after they take your money. They prey on the exposed and helpless who just need a little spark of hope in their lives. The bad thing is that most of these innocent people realize they had trusted these barbarians against their better judgement and instincts.

For the record, please…NEVER hire someone saying they are “Dr. Lumbatutu” from Zimbabwe, Africa claiming to have unbelievable power. For example, they can claim to have the power to”heal your wife from stage 4 breast cancer” while giving you an 100% guarantee, and then after you pay you get ghosted.

I have heard too many times from clients having had past experiences with a different type of scammer that likes to threaten other’s lives if they no longer wish to use their services. Sometimes if people pay them out of fear, they still get no results. Just more lies to get more money out of you. They won’t hurt you, they’re just desperate not to let you out of their clutches so they can keep feeding you bullshit just so you’ll run your credit card or wire money through Western Union (never do this). My favorite story is the most common one where this “spell caster” told several of my clients that they need a “cleansing” or an “uncrossing” due to a curse. Sometimes they claim that the entire family is cursed, and for over $1000, these scammers say they will take the curse off of them. So many people have fallen for this, and after the money is exchanged, they never hear from the “spell worker” again. (These scammers have a history of stealing our spell work photos and videos and pawning them off to their clients as their own.)

Listen guys, NOTHING IS 100% GUARANTEED!!! Absolutely nothing!!! Except for death and taxes…

I usually give an example by asking simple questions such as: Do lawyers have money-back guarantees if you do not receive the judge’s favor? Can they also guarantee that you will win in court? The answer to these questions is no. You need to understand that those who guarantee 100% are lying. It’s as simple as that. Run for your life if someone gives you that lifetime or 100% guarantee. Even the pest control guy cannot guarantee a lifetime free of cockroaches.

WHAT COMES NEXT?: The Future of Witchcraft

I read on a few articles for witchcraft & mundane magazines, blog posts, and news sites about how quickly witchcraft is growing in the mainstream. Hmmm….really? Well, let’s just say that Braven are at the core of the witchcraft life on a daily basis. We are bum-rushed by baby witches starving for knowledge and information which they believe will make them a witch. Then there are the beginning witches wanting us to be mentors and to be on-call for them 24 hours a day. The list goes on. If there were only more hours in the day, more days in the week…you get what I’m saying? We try to be there for everyone, but being a professional witch doesn’t come with having all the answers to the universe, and doesn’t give us the knowledge to know when your spell will manifest, etc.

To be a professional witch, you have to carry a lot of love for people, AND be able to find solutions to the problems of others several times a day, and then follow through with that solution. If a solution is not meant to be, then we as your spell workers must find some type of alternative solution to the current issue. Real spell workers do not give up on anyone. Real spell workers do not ghost you. Even real spell workers have similar issues in life that need a little intervening from time to time. Then, sometimes all people want is someone to talk to. It’s a lonely world out there.

What is in the future for witchcraft. Right now, the issue is that too many young people are jumping on the bandwagon to become a witch. I would assume that half of them don’t have a clue, and don’t even care about witchcraft…they just want a quick fix, or to show their peers something they can do that’s cool, or it’s just something cool to do to pass time. Those are poor excuses to call yourself a witch. Witchcraft is a lifestyle, and to us it is our life. Once the fake witches are weeded out we can begin to harness those who are in love with the entire reason behind becoming a witch. The two actions of studying and researching will now be your bestfriend. Embrace the witch you were born to be. Don’t forget to love life on the way to your path, and then afterwards when you find it!!

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